Incubator shaker

INC 125 FS digital is the first incubator shaker with a patented removable shaker platform. Without the platform, the unit can be used like a normal incubator. The large inner chamber with a volume of 125 liters offers space for up to 6 grid shelves (without shaker platform).
Thanks to high temperature stability and a uniform shaking motion that improves oxygenation, the incubator shaker is the perfect solution for cell cultivation and other microbiological applications.

Patented removable shaker platform

  • High shaking speed up to 300 rpm
  • Shaking stroke: 25 mm (optional: 20 mm) for optimum oxygen input
  • The shaker platform can be pulled out halfway (with line indicator) for comfortable and tilt-proof loading.
  • The threaded grid on the platform allows the mounting of fixing clips or STICKMAX adhesive mat for different vessels and sizes
  • Automatic detection of the shaker platform allows the temperature to be automatically adjusted in decontamination mode (100 or 120°C)
  • When the door is opened, the shaking function stops automatically
  • Shaking and temperature control function can be used independently of each other

Easy to clean

  • Simple cleaning of the interior thanks to rounded corners and flat surfaces made of corrosion-resistant material AISI 304
  • The optional drip pan provides additional safety in case of liquid overflow or can be used as water reservoir to increase humidity in the chamber
  • Decontamination mode for disinfection and reduction of cross-contamination (100/120°C)

Optimal temperature control

  • Wide temperature range: RT +8°C to 80 °C
  • Excellent temperature management and optimized energy consumption thanks to very good insulation of the inner chamber and triple-glazed door with window
  • Internal air circulation can be influenced by electronically adjustable fan speed (0-100%)

Simple and intuitive operation

  • Very large LCD display for easy reading
  • Large viewing window and switchable interior lighting for observation of samples
  • Counter, timer and timer auto (temperature-controlled) function to ensure reproducible test conditions

Versatile accessories

  • Up to two devices (incubator shaker or incubator) can be stacked (with corresponding accessories)
  • Different trays available
  • Shaking platform available with 20 or 25 mm shaking stroke
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