Media Plate Filler

Our supplier Reshape Biotech has a new automated Media Plate Filler for microtiter plates and petri dishes. With Media Plate Filler, you can pour liquid media into round bowls or SBS / SLAS well plates easily and accurately. All you have to do is load the robot with tiles and media, select the platform and press the start button – a few minutes later your tiles will be ready for use.

The unit can handle 30 SBS plates or 45 petri dishes per run.

Everything from agar to ketchup – the instrument can handle most liquids used in the biotechnology and food industries.

What we can help you achieve

  • Free up time – Free up time that would otherwise be spent on manual chores in the lab
  • Higher sense of satisfaction among employees – Reduce repetitive work in the laboratory and increase your employees’ satisfaction
  • Increased work rate – Accelerate research and quality control by using any platform
  • Exact results – Increase the accuracy and reliability of your experiments
  • Read more about Media Plate Filler on Reshape Biotech’s website.

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